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Photo Shoot Sessions

Maternity photo shoots, baby photography, toddler and family photo shoot sessions ordinarily lasts about an 40 min to 2 hours, depending on the package you choose, the size of the group and if you have any specific requirements.

A newborn photography session normally lasts between at least 1- 2 hours as we will work around baby’s needs and mood to make sure baby is feeling safe and secure, and time is made for feeding and gentle cuddles as the need arises. We don’t want to be rushed, babies needs come first and a calm atmosphere is important for baby, mom and dad also need feel relaxed.

As soon as baby is born or is you know your due date, please contact me to schedule the newborn shoot.  A newborn Photography shoot is best done in the first week of birth till about 2 weeks, however it is completely up to you when you feel comfortable for the shoot. In the first week of life we can still get the curled up or foetal position, after the first 2 weeks baby sleeps less, becomes more active and hands and feet and continuously exploring their new and wonderful world.

Maternity photoshoots
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Post production is as important as the photo shoot itself. No photographs will be released without being properly checked and edited. I will not release an incomplete product. I include basic digital retouching such as removal of stretch marks and blemishes as part of my packages to ensure that you get a professional finish to your images. Some editing requests may require an additional fee.

All photographs are shot in colour and can be converted into black & white or sepia as per your taste.

Photo Shoot Packages

Please have a look at my packages provided. I have put together a number of  photo shoot packages that will suit most family needs for studio and location or outdoor shoots as well as events. If you have any special needs, ideas or requirements please contact me directly to discuss your ideas and where possible I am happy to incorporate your requirements.

Weddings, Corporate and Product shoots vary tremendously and each project and assignment is quoted for separately. Please contact me directly so that we can discuss full specifications of your requirements and I will quote according to your needs.

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Photo Shoot Bookings

Please contact me should you be interested in booking a photo shoot session. I respond to each and every inquiry as soon as possible. I will send you all the relevant information and pricing necessary. Verbal or email discussion of dates does not guarantee your session as I discuss various dates and times with many clients. Photo shoot  bookings will only be taken as confirmed and guaranteed once a 50% retainer or booking fee has been paid and proof of payment has been received. The remainder of the fee is payable prior or on the day of the photo shoot.

What to bring along

I will email you all the requirements and suggestions with your inquiry, that will be suitable for your specific shoot and answer and guide you with any specific questions and queries you may have.

Baby Photography

Please contact me directly for product and package pricing. Product pricing and packages are subject to change, pricing and packages will be charged accordingly at the time of booking a shoot.